Curriculum Vitae
Aqua Eco Mundi
Resource Protection Hydrology
Landscape Planning
Name: University-Professor Dr.-Ing.habil. Heiko  D i e s t e l,  B.Sc., M.Sc.
Date of birth: 1. 10. 1940
Nationality: German
Languages: German, English, Spanish, French

Professional Education:
1960 - 1961 Hof Juhlschau, Flensburg, Germany
Agricultural apprenticeship.
1961 -1964 University of California, Davis,
California, USA
B.Sc. Agricultural Production; M.Sc. Irrigation Science.

Academic distinctions: Danforth Award 1962,
Dean's Honor List 1963,
Knowles A. Ryerson Award 1963.
1975 Ph.-D., Technical University Braunschweig, Germany.
1987 Habilitation for the subject "Soil Science" at the Technical University Braunschweig.

Professional Activities:
1965 - 1967 Sales engineer and later manager of the Irrigation Department, INDAG Development Corporation S.A., Lucerne, Switzerland, European subsidiary of the Irrigation and Industrial Development Corporation of New York.
1967 - 1969 Associate Expert, Irrigation and Drainage, Varamin-Garmsar-Project of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Iran.
1970 - 1988 Scientific employee at the Leichtweiß-Institute for Water Research, Technical University Braunschweig, Germany. From 1978 Chief of the Pedological Laboratory of the Institute.

From 1979 Lecturer of Soil Science at the Technical University.
1975 Lecturer in "Irrigation and Drainage in Arid Regions" and in "Hydrology" at the Suderburg College.
1988 - 2005 Professor of Resource Protection, Applied Hydrology, Irrigation and Drainage at the Technical University of Berlin.
2005 Retirement as a professor. Since then, leader of the Working Group on Applied Hydrology and Resource Protection at the Technical University of Berlin.
2006 Foundation of Aqua Eco Mundi GbR (closed in 2015)

Official International Functions:
1976 Chairman of the Session "Soil Chemistry" at the International Conference on Managing Saline Water for Irrigation, Lubbock, Texas, USA.
1977 General Reporter on the subject: "Unsaturated porous media in situ and in the laboratory" at the Symposium on Hydrodynamic Diffusion and Dispersion in Porous Media of the International Association for Hydraulic Research; Pavia, Italy.
1989 Delegate of the National Committee of the Federal Republic of Germany of the ICID (International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage) at the Sixth Annual Irrigation and Drainage Seminar of the World Bank, Baltimore, Md, USA.
1991 - 1994 Delegate of the DVWK (German Association for Water Resources and Land Improvement) in the German-Polish-Negotiations on a Common Integrated Management of the Odra River Watershed
1993 Member of the Planning Committee for the 10th International DVWK-Irrigation Symposium "Ecologically Sound Resources Management in Irrigation". Congress WASSER BERLIN 93, Germany
1996 Member of the Mexico Steering Group of the OECD (Paris) for the OECD workshop Mexico '96 on Biotechnology for Water Use and Conservation Morelos, Mexico.
1997 External reviewer of the publication Management Guidelines for Agricultural Drainage and Water Quality of the FAO and of the ICID (Intern. Comm. on Irrigation and Drainage)
1997 - 1998 Visiting Scientist at the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations in Rome. Task: Elaboration of the basic concept and structure of a Decision Support System for the identification and suitability classification of potential sites for water harvesting and supplemental irrigation with ponded water.
2009 World City Water Forum, Incheon, Korea. Co-Chair, Session 2, Climate Change Adaptation by Rainwater Harvesting and Management

Main areas of research:
from 1970 to 2005 Strategies for water management and resource protection under conflicting demands.

Solute displacement mechanisms in the larger voids in the soil.

Development and applications of lysimeter investigations.

Morphometric characterization of soil structure.

Interactions between runoff and surface morphology

Mechanisms of soil salinisation

Consultancies, project studies and missions:
1970 - 1973 Thailand
Mae Kok and Mae Fang Irrigation Projects.
Soil survey and land classification for some 68.000 ha;
design criteria for irrigation and drainage measures.
1973 Libya
Murzuq and Djoufrah. Soil surveys and land classification for irrigation schemes.
1975 Peru
Tinajones Irrigation Project. Soil investigations and soil survey including land classification and mapping. Design criteria for irrigation, drainage and soil improvement measures, especially with regard to salinization problems.
1978 Zambia
Member of the international study commission "Irrigation Potential" in Zambia.
1978 Libya
Barjuj and Irawan. Soil surveys and land classification for irrigation schemes.
1979 Egypt
El Nahda Project. Soil survey and rehabilitation of saline soils.
1980 Brazil
Morada Nova Irrigation and Drainage Project. Soil inventory, determination of design criteria and soil reclamation measures.
1981 Tunisia
Bou Heurtma Irrigation Project. Soil survey, determination of design criteria for irrigation and drainage schemes and soil reclamation measures. Planning of pilot schemes.
1982 Egypt
New Valley Development Project. Soil survey in the Kharga and Dakhla Oases. Modernization and reorganization of a soils laboratory.
1984 - 1986 Egypt
New Valley Development Project. Design and supervision of drainage trials in the Bulaq Pilot Scheme. Implementation of a mole drain test area including back-up service. Assessment of rehabilitation strategies.
1986 Bolivia
Identification of salinization processes and proposal of rehabilitation measures for the Punata area.
1988 Germany
Quantification of the water balance of planned variants of waste disposal coverings (Tönningstedt near Hamburg).
1989 Mauritania
Proposals for soil and water management along the Senegal river in the area of Rosso.
1991 Germany
Erosion in the catchment of the Emmer River. Identification of the causes and proposals for remedial measures.
1992 Germany
Characterization of the dynamics of the water balance as basis for agricultural planning in Brandenburg.
1993 Germany
Strategies for the infiltration of the waste waters of Berlin.
1994 Cuba
Water management for closed cycle operation of milk production units.
1994 Germany
Characterization of the structural behavior of mineral linings under the waste disposal site of Ihlenberg.
1995 Germany
Water balance of planned variants of waste disposal coverings near Magdeburg.
1995 Cuba
Planning of reclamation projects in the Provinces of La Habana and Pinar del Rio
1999/2000 Germany
Federal Court, Karlsruhe
Report on the patentability of stabilization elements for landscape construction purposes
2000 Sudan
Field studies on water harvesting in the Butana Plain.
Lecture at the University of Gezira.
2001 Iran
Lecturer and cooperating coordinator at  the DAAD/BMZ-Seminar Food Chain Management – Adaptation to the semi-arid environment by integrative water management approaches: Needs assessment and identification of priority fields.
2003 China
Member of the Chinese-German study group on ecological restoration in the Tarim Basin, China
2007 - 2009
Decentral rainwater management in urban areas

Pro bono activities:
Since 2009 Reviews for scientific journals
Since 2012 Germany
Vice chairman of FEMO (Freilicht- und Erlebnismuseum Ostfalen e.V.)